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Andromeda delivered five beautiful kittens
on August 27, 2014
sired by Sialaxy Regulus of Sandypoints,
four LYNX points and one BLUE point.

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green – 11/3/2014

Asteria delivered six kittens,
sired by Katsumoto,
on May 22, 2014

Felicia delivered seven kittens,
sired by Katsumoto,
on April 28, 2014

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Seals and Blues – 10/3/2014

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Color variations

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If you would like me to hold a kitten for you, please contact me ASAP.  You can also go toContact TimEZ Cattery and fill out the query form.  Click “SUBMIT” to send me an express email.  I will respond to your query within a few hours.  I now accept PayPal and Credit Cards.

Hi!  Welcome to TimEZ's Thais

Hi! Welcome to TimEZ’s Thais.


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