Written Contract:
All sales, trades, or transfer of ownership will be set in writing in the form of a formal written contract between the parties.  The purchaser must provide TimEZ Thais with veterinarian contact information.

TimEZ Cattery only offers for sale “pet” Thais.  This means that your Thai has been neutered prior to your acquisition or you will agree to have your Thai neutered within two weeks of taking ownership.  The Thai will not be allowed to breed after you take ownership.  These terms will be set forth in the written contract.

Show Quality:
The Thai you obtain from TimEZ Cattery was bred to have good health, longevity, personality, and looks after careful selection of sire and dam, both of which are registered in T.I.C.A. (The International Cat Association).  However, TimEZ Cattery cannot guarantee that your Thai will become a T.I.C.A. champion.  As specified in the written contract, your Thai will meet the T.I.C.A. breed standard unless otherwise noted.  Show quality cats start with good, award-winning cats.  Please read about each of our sires and dams on their respective pages to get acquainted with them and their accomplishments.

Kittens (12+ weeks) please contact us.  The price includes the Thai kitten, vaccinations and shots (2 sets – one at 6 weeks and another at 12 weeks), and vet records.  Shipping costs and hard shipping container costs will be borne by the purchaser if shipped by common carrier.  Purchaser should take delivery of the kitten/cat at TimEZ Cattery in Brunswick, Ohio, or other pre-arranged location within 300 miles of Brunswick, Ohio.  In most cases, I will meet you half way.  Please understand that we are not a “Pet Store” and will not sell or ship a kitten/cat  unless you have had direct contact with the kitten/cat at our cattery or other location (such as a T.I.C.A. show).

50% of contractually agreed price.  NO REFUNDS!

Cash, Credit Card (add 3%), or Paypal (add 3%).

Waiting List:
We maintain a list of people who have expressed a sincere desire to adopt our Thais.  We will try to match your preference of color and sex to what becomes available.  We have little control of how mother nature expresses herself in the creation process.  We do know that the pairing of Katsumoto (Seal) with Asteria (Seal) produces Seals, Chocolates, and Blues but they have not yet produced a Lilac.

Stud Services:
TimEZ Cattery is a closed cattery.  This means that no cat outside our ownership or control is allowed in the cattery.  Stud services are not accepted or provided.

After delivery veterinary checkup:
Within ten (10) days of receiving your Thai, you must visit your veterinarian for verification of health.  We will refund your money OR replace your Thai if it is found to be unhealthy or genetically deficient.

Visit TimEZ Cattery:
You can arrange a visit of the TimEZ Cattery by contacting us via email or phone.  We think it is important for you to meet the Stud and Queen of your new kitten.  Visiting may be prohibited for short periods due to breeding, rearing, or other personal reasons.  We have to protect the health of newborn kittens and limit access until after the first round of vaccinations and shots.

Microchips and RF ID’s:
This is a two part process.  A veterinarian can insert an RF ID tag into your Thai cat and provide you with registration that needs to be completed and sent to a registration company.  TimEZ Thais can have this service performed by our veterinarian at an additional cost of $50.00.  You will still be required to complete, mail, and pay for the registration.